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Pink CO2

I'm still catching up, but I just couldn't read this thread and not

All of my CO2 generators turn pink.  In fact, when I describe the stages of
a CO2 generator, I tell people that when the liquid starts to turn pink,
it's getting ready to run out.  

This isn't necessarily fact, but it's the way I understand the process.

The waste products from the yeast leave a pink tinge.  While the CO2 is
going strong, there is enough CO2 in the mixture that all you see is a
milky white cloudiness.  When the mixture begins to run out, it has less
CO2 and you begin to see the pink tinge.  The yeast at the bottom of the
mixture is also pink when I wash it out.  If I let the mixture run for 5 or
6 weeks, it will invariably turn clear as the yeast ceases CO2 production.
The resulting liquid is usually a slightly rosy light amber and tastes like
cheap champagne if you're daring enough to try it.

Either way, a pink CO2 mixture means one thing.  You're about to run out of
CO2, so you should replace the mixture.  Beyond that, I have found no
reason for alarm when I see my mixture turning pink.

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