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Off topic--Walmart fish horror

Sunday evening my wife and I went to a local  Walmart to pick up a few
things.  We never buy our fish there because of the terrible conditions we
have witnessed at this particular store (despite the postings of others who
say theirs are not like this).  We strolled by the tanks and to our utter
shock found things worse than ever.  I don't think anyone even worked in the
aquaria dept. at this store.  Just any employee who was passing by would
help you out.  As a matter of fact, one of the employees there was giving
out the wrong advise to a customer about which fish were compatible.  He
didn't know the agressive ones from community fish.  I corrected him, he
shrugged his shoulders and said "Oh, I don't know."  As we walked away, the
gentleman (customer) proceeded to ask us more questions.  I guess he figured
we knew what we were talking about.  We helped him out with advice on
mediation and filters.   We returned back to the tank area and then we
spotted them.  We saw not one, not two, but three dead Bettas in their
little cups rotting.  Their color was undescribable.  Someone apparently
left the lids on the cups and suffocated them.  I wonder how long it takes
for a betta to use up the air supply in a cup with the lid on, and then for
it to rot and change to a brown color.  I know bettas are hearty, so this
must have taken a while.  Heaven only knows how long they had been dead.
Dead or dying fish in all the tanks.  It was just heart breaking.  I'm
calling this morning to speak to the head store manager who was off duty
last night.  Why do these people carry fish if there is no one there who
even has a remote clue about how to take care of them.  IMHO this is cruel
and inhumane, bottom line or no bottom line.  Had to get that off my

"The Truth is Out There" or a reasonable facsimile thereof.