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E. osiris flowers

Greetings - Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get my Echinodorus
osiris' stalk to flower?  The last flower stalk that appeared grew to a
length of 3.5 feet but none of the flower buds that clustered together at
intervals along the stalk opened.  Eventually the buds just turned black,
so I cut the stalk off.  Now another stalk has appeared, is growing
rapidly and this time I want flowers!  (I searched the archives using the
key words "osiris flowers" but only 1 message appeared)  Any ideas anyone?

65 gal - 60 gal water column
4 X 40 watts X 12hrs
7.5 pH
medium hard to hard water
nitrate 5mg/L
fert. with PMDD and Jobe fern plant sticks
weekly 1/3 water change