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Cube Tank 2 foot

>What do you think about a 2' Cube tank (2'x2'x2') for plants. The guy that
try to sell said it is 60 Gal.
>Andy Galassi

I have a 2 foot cube tank with a `built-in` filter system at the back. I
think the net gallonage of my tank is around 46 UK Gallons. Tank houses 4
Discus & is fully planted. Because of the shape and the fact that it is a
planted tank, a single Mercury Vapour 125 Watt bulb (yes I know, most of us
in the UK still do not use Metal Halide systems) made by Osram is used. CRI
is 49 & temp. is 4000K - not ideal but not too bad !

The Discus love the setup & are thriving.

Andy M Moore - England
andy at ascot_u-net.com