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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #1157

Don wrote:

>Subject: plants for coldwater
>i have an extra 29 gallon tank that i got from a friend and i was wondering
>what type of plants would be suitable for a coldwater tank since i dont feel
>like buying a heater for it.

I keep 2 goldfish in a 30 gallon tank of "cold" water. The water is, of
course, room temperature so cold means no warmer than about 70 F in winter
when the heat's on, assuming that the water does reach air temperature, and
no colder than about 65 F.

In this tank I grow twisted val, Java Fern, Java Moss, Ceratopteris
thalictroides and Egeria (Elodea) densa. About a month ago I planted an
Anubias Barteri which is doing fine. The twisted val and Egeria do better
in the cold water than warm. The CT grows more slowly than in warm water
but grows steadily. The Java Fern and Moss grow slowly. The twisted val
grows slowly and spreads. The Egeria grows quickly and is the nicest,
thickest, greenest Egeria I've ever seen.  

The goldfish pick at the Egeria and the CT but both plants grow fast enough
not to care much. The tank has an UGF and a power filter and only 15 watts
light (it's a tall tank too). I add Tropica Master grow most weeks (forget
sometimes) and change water every two weeks. 

I used to have trouble with brown and green algae until I got a passel of
Ramshorn snails. Now the plants and glass are clean as a whistle.

in Vancouver having a green Christmas -- took the dog for a beach walk this
Christmas day.