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RE: Plants for Coldwater.

Well, I'm absolutely unqualified to answer, but I'll share the following:

I've always wanted to try a Madagascar Lace Plant, but was discouraged by 
it's need to lie dormant for some months (temp around 13degC).  If you had 
a tank that you were allowing to fluctuate with the seasons you may be able 
to provide some plants with temps favorable to 'hibernation' in the winter. 

That said, most plants will do quite well in cooler water.  Provided you do 
not allow the temperature to fluctuate wildly throughout the day (like next 
to a window), as it will stress you fauna (assuming you will keep a few 
fish). Although most tropical plants come from water within 24 to 27 degC 
(sans temporary conditions that may exceed 34 degC), our homes are 
routinely only 18 to 21 degC (my home is ~ 16 degC in winter, on the chilly 
side).  Growth will be much slower, but oxygen and Co2 carrying capacities 
should be greater.

In the Optimum Aquarium and APD archives, there is a lot of discussion on 
the pros of substrate heating from an iron bonding and nutrient feeding 
standpoint.  However, not much press on whether the plants themselves mind 
being cold, (most prefer not to be too hot for long).

Sorry I was unable to supply you with even so much as an inchoate summary 
of cold loving plants.  Suggest trying:
http://www.frii.com/~booth/AquaticConcepts.htm or
http://www.cco.caltech.edu/~aquaria/krib/ or
Peter W O'Dwyer jnr
odwyerpw at capital_net