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Re.: Green Water - Help

<<Date: Thu, 18 Dec 1997 11:17:34 -0500
From: "Mike Lehman" <mlehman at watchit_com>
Subject: Green Water - Help

I have a 55 gal setup that is 3 weeks old.  I have a 175 watt MH light
on 12
hours per day.  I have CO2 injection with PMDD added.  My plants have
in for about 1.5 weeks and are growing very well.  My problem is green

There is product ACCU-CLEAR (by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals) (around $5)
whichprecipitates small particles including green water. This products
very welland fast. After you have precipitated the algae you can siphon
it off.
The algaemay come again  (after a week or so) You have tot repeat the

As soon as your plants are big enough ( I hope you have fast growing
plants likeHygrophila spp. Rotala spp.) the availability of surplus
will belimited.  It take about 2-3 months before your tank will be '

Seasons Greetings.

Jos Liem
New Westminster BC