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Potassium Permanganate; How Much? -- The Answer!

Yo Erik!

Thanks for the off-list response! According to "the authority" (my
wife's cookbook), 1 US gal DOES equal 128 oz.! I'm not a computer geek,
nor am I good with figures... however, miracle of miracles, if 1,000 oz.
is roughly 8 gallons (and it is), and I want to treat 1 gal of water
with potassium permanganate for a 30 seconds dip for my plants... then
1/8 of my 2 oz. containter of Jungle Clear Water = 1/2 Tablespoon! Thank
you, now I can go on with my life! :-)

Walter B. Klockers
Elma, Washington -- It's (GASP!) clear and sunny outside! ANOTHER
miracle! What a day!!! :-)