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Planted discus spawning tank

I have a heavily planted, 33 gal tank with a pair of discus that enjoy
spawning there.  In order to save the eggs and fry I decided to take
them off the appetizer menu by removing all other tank inhabitants. 
This worked in that I've had successful spawns but now I'm continually
removing bright green, filament algae.  I've tried increasing the
fertilizers, Duplant and Duplant 24 and the co2, along with the duration
of the three 20w Tritons from 8 to 10 hours a day, so that the faster
growing plants, hygro and cabomba, could soak up the excess nutrients,
but that just made everything, plants and algae alike, grow a lot
faster.  Due to the heavy feeding the discus require, limiting P and for
that matter N does not appear to be a viable option, even with 10% to
15% (RO)water changed per day. I was thinking of going in the other
direction and stop the Dupla fertilizing, perhaps using a substrate
fertilizer instead.  Also reduce the lighting again, and see if that
helps, (I tried keeping the lights off for a few days without much
  I have a 55 gal planted discus tank with South American characins and
an army of algae eaters with no problems, everything grows, everything
is varying shades of green or red with very little noticeable algae.

Does anyone have any advice on how to keep the plants healthy,
especially the E. bleheri that the discus like to spawn on, and cut down
on the algae at the same time without the help of any other critters
that might have a taste for caviar? (The tanks are in the living room
and part of the deal with my wife, who is of German decent, is that they
would be neat and clean, you know, orderly)<G> 


Ed Hengel