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Re: Planted discus spawning tank

Ed Hengel asked about a heavily planted, 33 gal tank with a pair of
discus that enjoy spawning there.  In order to save the eggs and fry all
other tank inhabitants are removed. This worked but now there is a
persistent bright green, filament algae.

You could set up a new breeding aquarium along similar lines where you
either a) eliminate the filament algae by the "Krombholz bleach
treatment" or b) put the tank where the algae, plants and Discus can all
grow happily together. Thread algae and green water algae are just fine
for fry. In fact green water is very good for fry. 
This may not be to your liking so I can only suggest another course of
action. I think the best green thread algae eaters are shrimps but these
may be killed by the discus parents. You can also try reducing the
dosage of chelated iron to your water preferably while you temporarily
have algae eaters in the tank to consume it.

You can supplement the substrate iron for your plants by using a
substrate designed to provide iron but this again requires major work. A
substrate requires two components to provide a steady supply of iron:
iron (preferably from soil or the like) and organic material (preferably
peat in a layer mixed at about 5%). Peat has other effects however...