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Fishmas list - heater

Those of you that take AFM may have read my article on aquarium heaters.  
At the end of the article I described my "ideal" heater which would have 
a variable wattage.  A week ago I was contacted by some folks who had 
read the article and they sent me a prototype for evaluation.  At the 
risk of sounding like their PR dept let me just say if you want the 
ultimate aquarium heater, this is it.  It holds the temp to within 0.1 
degree F (which of course is beyond any value that the fish require).  
What is more important is that it will work for any size tank. I tested 
their heater (200 watts) in a two gallon tank and it reduces wattage as 
the tank temperature approaches the set point.

The element is encased in metal that is safe for marine tanks.  The case 
acts as a tank ground probe so you save at least $15 on buying a ground 
probe.  Being solid state there are no bimetal strips or contact points.  
There is a separate temperature sensor.  The whole ball of wax can be had 
for about $65 including shipping.  Call 1-800-215-2936.  Temzone inc.

George, even you who has everything doesn't have one of these things.  
For the person who has everything or thinks they do, the Temzone variable 
watt heater would make a great stocking stuffer.

--Earle Hamilton from northern Michigan where coral once grew