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Re: Bacterial Bloom

> > Back in the bad old days, me and Ugh, the cave man, would stop feeding.
> > Usually it would clear up by itself in a few (2-5) days.
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> Dave Gomberg                            gomberg at wcf_com
> FormMaestro                                     http://www.wcf.com
> Funny thing is that I have not been feeding because of the algae problem
> that I have.  I have only fed the fish twice in a month period.
> Any other resons?.?.

I've noticed at the outset of a green water bloom that the water initially
appears cloudy white rather than green.  The color doesn't turn green
until the cloud gets thicker.

Is it possible that your cloudy water is the start of an algae bloom,
poised to turn into green water when conditions are right?  You could keep
the lights off for a couple days to see if it goes away.

Roger Miller