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Bacterial Bloom Questions

During a fit of mental blockage I added too many fish to my planted 90
gallon.  I added 6 SAE's and 6 gold barbs to control the algae.  What I
forgot was that I was more than doubling the fish load, and, waaalaaa -
bacterial bloom.  I have experienced this before and found that it takes
about a week for the thing to clear up.  But, it has been over a week and
still I find the bacteria doing quite well.  The fish are fine, the algae
is dying (yeeeehaaa), and the hobbiest is getting worried.  In taking with
various plant people and experienced fish people, I am finding a wierd
composition of suggestions.  These range from chemical treatment (not my
plan in the least) to waiting.  My questions are the following:

1.  Is the bacterial cloudiness the nitrofication bacteria that have become
free-floating or is it another bacteria that has bloomed and is feeding on
the nutrients in the water (i.e., E. coli, salminilla (humor here)?

2.  I have increased the temp to 78 F and have stuffed the canister filter
with more material for the bacteria to colonize on - what else can be done
to decrease the bacteria?

3.  Some have said to squeeze a sponge, from a "stable" tank, containing
colonized bacteria into the tank to help the process - sounds
counter-productive to me.  Is this incorrect thinking on my part or will
this help?

4.  If the bloom does not disappear in another week then what is my next
move; i.e., tear the tank down and start over, massive water changes,
particle filtration?

5.  The exact names (latin) of the bacteria?

6.  Other suggestions and info would be great too.

Thanks for the help

Matthew T. Mason                            "Does a fish know that
Doctoral Student                                 it is wet?"
Department of Molecular Genetics
The Ohio State University
mason.163 at osu_edu