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Heteranthera zosterifolia bloom

I fallen a bit behind in the maintenance of my open top tank and have been
rewarded with the loveliest blooms on the Heteranthera zosterifolia that has
grown to the top.  I'm thinking of letting it remain at the top for a while
so I can enjoy these dainty flowers. Does anyone know if allowing this bloom
to continue will lessen the vigor of these plants?

BTW: This is my first open top tank (a 125 gallon).  About a week ago I
experienced the downside when I found my missing seventh SAE on the floor
behind the tank. Tonight, however, I discovered that I still have seven SAEs
(at least).  Apparently, they spawned.  It must have been some time ago
since the young SAE I saw was almost an inch long.  Wish I had noticed; I'd
have put sponges over the filter intakes at least.

All of this is very exciting. This is the first tank I've set up since I
started following the APD (though I been amending the others right along).
I owe a bunch of thanks to all of you who share your information so
generously on the list and to those who have taken the time for
amplification and clarification in private email. I've never before
experienced anything close to the phenomenal plant growth taking place in
this tank. And I'm both surprised and delighted with the positive affect
this environment seems to have on all the fish. I could go on and on.

Kim Bryant
smskahj at netacc_net
near Rochester, New York