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Re: DIY CO2 Diffuser

> Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 22:35:59 -0500 (EST)
> From: MidMOPub at aol_com
> Subject: DIY CO2 Diffuser
> I am interested in creating a DIY CO2 diffuser for my 125 gal planted
tank. I
> research the archives and found some very good examples. I am going to
> attempt to create a counter current reactor from a small power head and a
> uplift tube. Can anybody suggest powerhead? My initial plans require a
> reverse flow powerhead that has a adjustable flow rate so I can turn it
> waaaaay down to keep the co2 bubbles suspended in the water flow. Looking
> through the latest issue of That Fish Place left me unsure of which brand
> buy. I like the looks of the Marineland Penguin 660R with the pre-filter
> sponge, but it doesn't mention a adjustable flow rate! If anybody has a
> better design plus post it as well, I am not sold on this setup yet!

You wouldn't by chance be running a filter system with a sump would you? 
If you are I have a really easy way to make one and it is cheap too!

Just get 3 - 4' of 1" - 2" Corrugated tubing and place it after your pump.
The CO2 enters the intake of the pump and gets broken into very small
bubbles which get caught in the corrugations in the tubing. So you
shouldn't get any bubbles going into the tank at all. Works like a charm
for me.

If you don't have a sump you still may be able to adapt the setup.

Bryan Olynyk