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Re: Wierd white fuzz on wood

Hey Mike,
   Well I can not answer you with an ID on the Fuzz, but maybe offer a
little reassurance.  I had the same thing when I added this hugh piece I
bought.  It also sat in the tank for a week or two before it went all fuzzy
on me.  I got out the old tooth brush and just cleaned it up as I also
wanted it to loose some of the stuff that kept making the water real brown.
Then I siphoned off the scum and debris.  But I also had the advantage of
nothing in the tank except water:)  I was making sure everything worked for
a week or so before I went any further.  So after a few good cleaning and
water changes the fuzz abated a bit, I got impatient, and went ahead and
planted and stocked.  Some of my first fish were Bristle nose plecos,
shrimp, and mollies.  The fuzzies returned, not as bad, but then someone
decided to eat it.  Or just the action of the Plecos all Over that wood kept
it from advancing.  One day about a week after stocking it just disappeared.
I mean I came home from work and Pooof.  It has not returned in oh, 3
months.  I guess there are just all kinds of things growing in that wood, or
should I say dormant until you get it in the tank.  You can always take it
out and boil it for a while.  Mine was just to big or I would have.  

Good luck,
Jeff Dietsch