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Re: Strange Rumor

Jeff, well, the "government part" is partly correct. It's going to be NH Law
starting Jan 1, 1998. The law in practice is going to ban the propogation and
distribution millfoil and fanwort specifically.

But it's the spirit of the law that has us aquatic plant enthusiast
concerned. The spirit of the law (and actually it is written INTO the law
from what I've gathered) is that vascular aquatic plants will be banned. Pet
shops will have to apply  for special permits to sell plants. But then here
comes the gray area...permits to sell, but will they be legal to keep even if
you got them from a store with a permit to sell them? 

In their infinite "wisdom" they seem to believe that folks are dumping
aquarium waters into suface waters and that non-native plants are
establishing themselves.  Come to think of it...I did see a nice Amazon sword
in the lake the other week. Must have come from that tank I dumped in the
lake a few months ago. <sarcastic smirk>

The reality of the matter is that they targeted the aquarium hobby/industry
because we were an easy  target. For NH the number one industry is tourism.
NH is a land of many lakes and tourists bring boats from other parts of the
country along with any hitchhikers, plant or animal. They weren't willing to
target folks who are dropping thousands of dollars here in the state in a
week, but rather the aquatic hobbyists  and retailers who really have no
"pull". It's the  boats that are bringing non-native plants to our area from
other parts of the country. 

Anyone in their right mind would know that a tropical plant could not
overwinter in frozen over waters and thus establish itself in New Hampshire.
If my tank drops in temps even down to the low 60s from a power outtage the
plants suffer. Imagine those same plants outside in a frozen lake.  

I guess I'll have to keep my shades drawn after January first. 

Susan <-soon to be an outlaw and wanted "criminal"

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<<Date: Thu, 20 Nov 1997 21:35:57 -0500
From: Jeff & Denise Dietsch <dietsch at voicenet_com>
Subject: Strange Rumor

Hello all,
    I know this sounds off the wall, but I had to forward it to the list.
I belong to the Aqualink Help desk and this question hit my computer the
other day.  

>I am a member of the New Hampshire Aquarium Society, and at our last
meeting we heard 
>that the Fefderal Government will be banning the sale of all aquarium
plants.  Do you have 
>any information on this?  

Now like I said this is a little off the wall, just wanted to through it
out there and see if anyone else heard anything like this?  Note the one
thing that left me with a twing of possibility in my mind was that it is
the Government he is talking about here:)  

Jeff Dietsch>>