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Re: Loose Particles in Tritons

I suspect what you're seeing are bits of condensed mercury.  I seriously
doubt it'll affect performance(the mercury is what lights up the
phosphors).  The landfill it goes into, however, will obviously be more
effected.  That's why there are regulations on lamp disposal for folks
who trash lots of them, say 10 or more at a time, and that's also why
Phillips has a line of lamps that are more environmentally friendly.

Actually, the last point is debatable.  Companies that dump old lamps
with 'normal' amounts of mercury are _supposed_ to dispose of them in a
way that the mercury is recovered.  So the mercury doesn't go into a
landfill.  With the new Phillips lamps, there is not enough mercury in
them to be covered under disposal regulations, so they can just be
thrown in the trash.  Of course the people with 'lots' of lamps could
probably just throw them away a little at a time.  I hope someone with
more knowledge on the subject will add to/correct my comments.

Wade Shimoda