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Loose Particles in Tritons


I just got my 25 gallon tank 6 months ago and started reading APD several
months ago.  This list is a great resource and I've learn a lot from it. 
I finally have a question and was hoping that somebody could help me with

I just bought several 15W T-8 Tritons from Pet Warehouse.  All of them
have small particles rolling around in them.  Judging from the sound they
make, I'd guess that they're ~2-3mm.  I've never heard loose particles in
a flourescent bulb before.  All of the bulbs seem to work fine.  Are these
particles normal in Tritons?  If they aren't supposed to be there, will
they shorten the bulb's life span or have any other detrimental effect?


Oliver Wong

Oliver D. Wong
Georgia Institute of Technology

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