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But is there *enough* algae?

 George Booth wrote:
>Subject: Re: SAE's eating and playing habits
>One thought on SAEs eating tender young plants. These are generally
>larger active fish and probably have a good appetite.  Maybe the ones
>that are eating plants are not getting enough algae?  Maybe you need
>to get more algae growing. (ARRRGH! SACRILEGE!)


You beat me to it! I was just going to post that I believe that if true
SAEs are eating plants then you don't have enough algae for them. I think
some people get too many, forgetting that you want them to feed but to have
*some* algae left over. This is why I always cultivate some kind of
interesting algae in my aquarium! <g> After all, I don't want my SAEs to
starve and wouldn't you get tired of eating only one kind of algae? So far
all my algae eaters are fat and thriving. (2 SAEs, 4 ottos in a 48 gallon).
And, BTW, though my SAEs eat fish food they are *always* eating algae.

in cloudy and moody Vancouver today -- Sorry guys no Mulder and Scully yet!
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