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Re:Ceomat CO2

Art wrote;

>I was wondering if anybody has experience with the
>Ceomat CO2 product? I know that solutions like this >go against the
grain of the List, but I'm not sure I >want to mess with a pressurized
system which will >cost over several hundred dollars. Don't get me
>wrong, I'm not slamming pressurized systems, I'm just >exploring
alternate solutions which may be cheaper >and easier to maintain. I
would like to hear from >people who have actually used, or know
somebody >who has used, this system. Thanx!

I don't think looking for alternate solutions which may be cheaper and
easier to maintain go against the grain of this list. In fact much of
the focus of the list seems to be looking for such solutions. 

Before buying a pressure bottle CO2 system I also looked for cheaper
and more convenient systems.  Based on the advertising claims of the
Ceomat system however it didn't appear to me to be cheaper or more
convenient.  The lowest price I've seen for the Ceomat is a $129. 
From a local welding supplier I bought a 5lb CO2 bottle and regulator
for  $134.   I know others have paid less and I see Harbor Freight
sells a CO2 bottle and regulator for $97. The only other thing you
will need is a needle valve which you can pickup for $15 to $30. 
I think the real cost difference is the in recharging.  The Ceromet
ads claim one recharge is equivalent to a 250g bottle. If my math is
right, that works out to be 9 recharges for a 5lb bottle.  I pay $5 to
refill the 5lb bottle. The advertised price for the Ceromet is about
$6 per recharge. 

As for convenience I find that once the bubbling rate is set I need to
pay very little attention to the CO2 system until after several months
when the bottle must be refilled.  I don't think cleaning and
recharging the Ceomat 9 times in the same time period would be more

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