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RE: Crypto. Williamsi ???

Michael W McGrath wrote:
> Saturday I purchased loads of plants from Minnesota Aquarium Soceity
> Auction. I picked up something labled 'cryptocoryne williamsi'.
> I never heard of that before. Its reddish in color maybe 4 inchs tall with
> It appears to have the same sorta leaf as the wendtii, just much redder.
> Anyone know if this is the same thing or is williamsi just an old name.??

No idea

> I also picked up something called windlou. As it was nicknamed at the 
> auction - the spazzy java fern - I just had to get some. Its just like
> java fern but has a bushy top. Any more info on that would rule too

This is undoubtedly the Microsorum pteropus 'WindelÝv'. For more info
pls checkout this URL: