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Re: Open top or covered top plant tank????

Matthew T. Mason wrote:

> What are the advantages and disadvantages of both an open and a covered
> plant tank?
> Assumptions (not good to assume but who cares):
> - -Advantages (Open top):
>                1.  More light makes it into the tank
>                2.  Better gas exchange
>                3.  Plants can grow out
> - -Disadvantages (Open top):
>                1.  Fish jump out
>                2.  Greater water evaporation
>                3.  Dust and air crud in tank
>                4.  Blocks light going into tank

If I were to re-do my 90 gallon, it would definitely be an open top.

Some more advantages:

1. I like to look at my plants and fish from the top.
2. Much easier to maintain, especially if you have a tall tank.

To me the only real disadvantage of an open top tank is fish jumping
out.  Evaporation and dust are not big problems as long as you do
regular water changes.

Another small disadvantage of an open top tank is you have to
deal with surface scum more seriously.

Louis (with 2 open top tanks and 2 close top tanks) Lin

Louis Lin             lhclin at aw_sgi.com
"Plan B: Dilbertize the enemy."