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'Rubin' Swords and T-8's revisited

Subject:  Stunted E. 'Rubin'

Chris Kirkpatrick  wrote:

>> I'm noticing that abundent new growth in a new 'red rubin' sword and an
>> older E. major is a few inches shorter.  This after i changed all eight
>> forty watt bulbs on my 180 gallon.  I am wondering if it is due to the
>> intensity of the light?  Will 'brightness' cause these plants to distance
>> themselves from the light?  chris

Pat Bowerman wrote:
>I don't think that I'd say it quite that way, but plants will stretch
>and become leggy if the light is too dim. Let's just say that the
>brighter bulbs are probably giving you more "compact" growth.

That is true, but E. 'Rubin' is _not_ a compact plant.  While not as big as
its Horemanni parent, it is still a good 20" tall under good conditions.
I'm not sure what's wrong with Chris' plant, but It's not too much light.
They grow very well in my strongly lit tanks.  They are a big plant with a
big root system.  They feed heavily.  


Subject: Sylvania bulb & shop lights

>> The specific bulbs I use
>> are GE SPX-50 (5000K) and Sylvania Octron (6500K).
>My Sylvania catalog (probably old) lists only three T-8 Octron bulbs:
>3100K, 3500K & 4100K. Using the lamb ordering abbreviations for these
>bulbs as reference, I'm guessing that the order code for the 48" 6500K
>is FO40/65K. Karen, would you look on your bulb to see if this is
>correct? Thanks.

Remember I said I use T-8's.  These are not 40W bulbs. (although the put
out the same amount of light)  The serial number on the bulbs is: F032/765

(see, George?  This is what happens when I "recommend" _my_ favorite
lighting in a T-12 world!<g>)

>Question to anyone with experience:
>Would the bi-pin lamp holders for T-12 bulbs hold T-8 bulbs? I'm
>thinking about switching from T-12 to T-8 lamps in my existing
>shoplight-based hood. If the lamp holders work for T-8 bulbs, I should
>be able to switch by simply replacing the ballasts with electronic
>ballasts. Am I correct? Thanks for any advise.

Darren J. Hanson wrote:

>BTW, what's this T-8 lighting you were refering to? Is it the same as the HO 
>and VHO I've largely decided against even looking into due to cost?

No it's not.  As I said, they are energy efficieny T-8's.  There's no more
specific name for them than that.  They _must_ run on a specific type of
electronic ballast, but both the ballasts and the bulbs are reasonably
priced (last time I bought ballasts they were under $30, and bulbs are well
under $10)  They are produced by GE, Phillips and Sylvania.

Both I and others have posted this info a number of times in the past.  I'm
in a hurry to get ready to leave for the NJAS workshop right now, so please
check the archives.  If you can't find what you need, and no one else here
chimes in, shoot me a note late next week and I'll see if I can answer your

(I'm gonna get you George<g>)