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Re: Triton Fluorescent Tubes

Merrill Cohen wrote: 
> > I believe that the Triton CRI here in the U.S. is 92 and the Kelvin
> > degree is 12,500.

George Booth wrote:
> 12500 sounds very high for the visual appearance of the tube.  I have
> measured some of our 40w Tritons with a Minolta Color Temperature
> meter and they read between 7500K and 8500K.

George, since this is "up your alley", please E-mail Adrian Exell
<aexell at Interpet_co.uk> and see what he comes back with.  This is the
information that I got from him -- which he said came from G.E.-Thorn.  We
went through this sometime back with you and this is the information that
Adrian wrote.  Would appreciate your contacting him just to see what he
writes you.  Thanks!  Advise!

Merrill (who is interested in how Karen is going to get even)