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Anubius and Bulb Names

> From: Al Paglieri <paglieri at interlog_com>
> Subject: Annubius Bateri
> Can I attach ny Annubias Bateri to a rock like one does with Java Fern.
> If so, is the techniquie different?

Same trick.  Use thick black thread or rubber bands.  Works great for us.

> From: "Shiao Y. Wang" <sywang at whale_st.usm.edu>
> Subject: Sylvania bulb & shop lights
> > The specific bulbs I use
> > are GE SPX-50 (5000K) and Sylvania Octron (6500K).
> My Sylvania catalog (probably old) lists only three T-8 Octron bulbs:
> 3100K, 3500K & 4100K. Using the lamb ordering abbreviations for these
> bulbs as reference, I'm guessing that the order code for the 48" 6500K
> is FO40/65K. Karen, would you look on your bulb to see if this is
> correct? Thanks.

FO32/765 for the 6500K T-8's, CRI of 71.
FO32/750 for the 5000K T-8's.

The numbers start with F40 if you're looking for Sylvania T12's, but I
don't know if the rest of the numbering scheme is the same.

> Question to anyone with experience:
> Would the bi-pin lamp holders for T-12 bulbs hold T-8 bulbs? I'm
> thinking about switching from T-12 to T-8 lamps in my existing
> shoplight-based hood. If the lamp holders work for T-8 bulbs, I should
> be able to switch by simply replacing the ballasts with electronic
> ballasts. Am I correct? Thanks for any advise.

Correctumundo!  In fact, an $8 shoplight fixture ends up costing not
much more than two packages of end clips!  We've used this trick of
gutting the old ballast on about four shoplights in the past.

  - Erik

Erik Olson				
eriko at wrq.com