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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #1046

> Does anyone have any experience dealing with the "Sea Lights" compact
> lighting system for small aquaria?  They sell a system which appears to
> utilize PowerCompact type bulbs, which will fit easily on a 10 gallon
> aquarium and has a 28 watt 5000k bulb and a 9 watt 7100k bulb..Seems it
> would be perfect for my 10 gallon planted tank (it is REALLY difficult to
> get decent lights for a 10 gallon!  The system above runs about $70.00

Gee, I always thought that 10 gallon tanks were the easiest tanks to

> My other thought was to buy 2 18" strip light units and mount them in some
> sort of simple wooden housing and mount that over the tank...I really need
> more light than the stock 15 watts to fully utilize my CO2 injection...

Do you?  15 watts on a 10 gallon tank is fairly bright because everything
is pretty close to the bulb - of course, you need a reflector and bulbs
that work right, I bought single-tube hoods for my kids' 10-gallon tanks
last year and the lights that came with the hoods died to almost nothing
within a couple months.

If that isn't enough, then 2 15 watt flourescents gives 3 watts/gallon and
a real abundance of light - probably more than most plants need for good
growth.  And two 15-watt strip lights with new tubes will cost less then
$70.00.  Also I notice that my local store is starting to sell 2-tube
strip lights for 10 and 20 gallon tanks.  I'd guess they cost less than
$70.00, as well.

Roger Miller