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Lighting and algae question

Another lighting/algae question - I know, should read the FAQ - I have a
hundred times.  My 90 gallon has the (typical) stringy, green algae.  I
have three 40 watt bulbs: one triton, two plant bulbs - they are on for 11
hours a day.  Some suggest more light, some say less light, some say more
time, some say less.  What to do, what to do.  Went to the local (and above
par) aquarium store where I was told to increase my 10 percent/weekly water
change to 20%.  What is the best combination for the problem interms of
lighting time and amount.  I fertilize with Sea Chem Plant Fertilizer -
good stuff.  Any suggestions would be great.  BTW, I asked about the
surface scum questions and the responses had made a huge difference -

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