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Lighting and algae question

Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 21:46:35 -0500
From: mason.163 at osu_edu (Matthew T. Mason)
Subject: Lighting and algae question

Another lighting/algae question - I know, should read the FAQ - I have a
hundred times.  My 90 gallon has the (typical) stringy, green algae.  I
have three 40 watt bulbs: one triton, two plant bulbs - they are on for
hours a day.  Some suggest more light, some say less light, some say
time, some say less.  What to do, what to do.  Went to the local (and
par) aquarium store where I was told to increase my 10 percent/weekly
change to 20%.  What is the best combination for the problem interms of
lighting time and amount.  I fertilize with Sea Chem Plant Fertilizer -
good stuff.  Any suggestions would be great.  BTW, I asked about the
surface scum questions and the responses had made a huge difference -

Try getting some Rosy Barbs to control hair algae.
I got 3 of them, and in a day, they cleaned all my plants.