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Resonably Priced Lighting ????

George Booth Wrote:

>Do you currently have a hood?  How did you get all the strip lights in
>it? If they are just laying on a glass top cover, why not get a couple
>of dual shop light fixtures and replace your "weenie" bulbs with good
>ones?  Buy decent fixtures, not the $10 types that WalMart sells.

George, thanks for the information.  I considered the shop lights, but the
ones I have seen would require a hood, and that puts me back in the
carpentry quandary again.  I presently have six strip lights sitting on top
of a glass canopy.  For feeding and maintainance, I just remove one of the
strip lights and sit it onto one of the back lights - it is no problem.

I have either an 18" or 20" high, 110g and I am using twelve triton 15w
tubes with mylar reflectors.  I have been told that 1.6w/g was not enough
and thought that was the reason for the slow growth. If you are having
success with that ratio, then it must be something else I am doing wrong, or
I am just impatient.

Ken Guin
kenguin at erols_com