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Reasonably Priced Lighting????

I have a 110g planted aquarium using DIY CO2, PMDD, and laterite balls in
the substrate.  The plants (swords, java ferns, crypts, nubias, etc.) are
doing okay, but not going crazy.  I believe I need more light since all I
have now is six Perfecto strip lights which produce 180W (12 X 15W) for a
1.6W per gallon ration.  I would like to boost the ratio to about 2.5w/g
which would put me in the 300W range.

I have checked some the mailorder firms that advertise in the magazines, but
most don't have the hoods - only the ballasts, tubes, end caps, etc., and
you have to build your own hood   The firms who do sell the hoods with the
lights are in the $600 range for a 110g.  Does anyone know of someone who
makes a hood with fairly high output lighting, but  doesn't charge a fortune
for it?  Or, am I just dreaming that such a place might actually exist?

Please, no DIY hood suggestions, I am the carpenter from hell.


Ken Guin
kenguin at erols_com