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RE: Reasonably Priced Lighting????

> Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 11:07:45 -0500
> From: "Ken Guin" <kenguin at erols_com>
> I have a 110g planted aquarium using DIY CO2, PMDD, and laterite balls
> in the substrate.  The plants (swords, java ferns, crypts, nubias,
> etc.) are doing okay, but not going crazy.  I believe I need more
> light since all I have now is six Perfecto strip lights which produce
> 180W (12 X 15W) for a 1.6W per gallon ration.  I would like to boost
> the ratio to about 2.5w/g which would put me in the 300W range.

I would suggest that it is not a "watts per gallon" problem as much as
a "quality of light" problem.

We have excellent success with four 40w bulbs over 100 gallon tanks
(1.6 w/g). We are careful, however, to select bulbs that offer the
maximum lumens per watt.  We use Triton and PennPlax Ultra Tri-Lux
bulbs (normal output 40 watt bulbs) with decent reflectors.  The
resulting 1.6 w/g is almost too bright, as some of the plants develop
protective red pigments in the upper leaves. 
> Does anyone know of someone who makes a hood with fairly high output
> lighting, but doesn't charge a fortune for it?  Or, am I just dreaming
> that such a place might actually exist?

Dreaming, definitely. 

Do you currently have a hood?  How did you get all the strip lights in
it? If they are just laying on a glass top cover, why not get a couple
of dual shop light fixtures and replace your "weenie" bulbs with good
ones?  Buy decent fixtures, not the $10 types that WalMart sells. 

Is your 110 a 30" tall tank?  If so, maybe a couple of metal
halide pendants might be suggested.  Their intensity is well suited
for deeper tanks.  Of course, that's still $600. 

George Booth in Ft. Collins, Colorado (booth at fii_com)
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