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Re: Gammarus

Rhonda Wilson wrote:
Also I would consider making sure you have some algae eating fish/inverts
your tank. I like mollies and ghost shrimp. If you can get a culture of
and have only small fish you should be able to get those going too, they
great for getting rid of hair algae, the only problem is they also munch
moss, but that is the only plant I've had trouble with them with. They will
eat any decaying plant matter, pretty handy little critters actually.

IMHO, these are nasty little critters!  They will cut off Vallineria and
Sag. at the base.  Only large Cichlids will get rid of them, and I would
advise to stay away from them.  Actually, they are sometimes offerred as
live food in a Kordon package.  Don't put them in a planted aquarium or you
will wonder why so many leaves are floating.