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Re: Tank chemistry question.

> Date: Tue, 14 Oct 97 15:34:54 -0500
> From: "Boris Kaushansky"<boris_kaushansky at datascope_com>
> I recently setup a 25 gal tank.  It is filled with distilled water and
> being leak tested.  What water chem should I set up, and what is
> recommended.

>      looking for required data for:
>      kH -

5dKH or 90 ppm from sodium bicarbonate

>      GH - 

Depends on the fish and plants.  A useful number for a community 
tanks is 4 dGH or 70 ppm from calcium carbonate and Epsom salts
(magnesium sulphate).  About 4:1 Ca to Mg is about right. Note
that calcium carbonate will also increase KH, so experiment to 
find the right proportions.
>      pH - (should be around 6.8 ?)

With 5 dKH and 15 mg/l CO2, your pH will be 7.0.

>      temp - (should be around 76 for most aquaria ?)


>      nitrate - 

5 mg/l from potassium nitrate

>      phosphate - (should be 0.0, if possible ?)

Let nature supply it for you (fish waste)

>      C02 - (should be 15 mg/l ?)

>      Secondly, what are people using for pH buffering??

KH is pH buffering.

Be sure to account for other trace elements. Distilled water may be a
base starting point if it was created with a still with coper pipes.
Better check that. PMDD is probably advised to cover most trace
elements along with iron, potassium and nitrate.

Some kind of water conditioner might be useful. Be careful, though,
some will chelate heavy metals, removing trace elements from the
water. Duplagan is a safe but expensive conditioner.