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Tank chemistry question.

     I recently setup a 25 gal tank.  It is filled with distilled water and 
     being leak tested.  What water chem should I set up, and what is 
     Tank specs:
     3" fine gravel (bottom 1/3 laterite mix)
     40W light (triton & wide spectrum)
     23 gal of distilled water
     looking for required data for:
     kH -
     GH - 
     pH - (should be around 6.8 ?)
     temp - (should be around 76 for most aquaria ?)
     nitrate - 
     phosphate - (should be 0.0, if possible ?)
     C02 - (should be 15 mg/l ?)
     These are the numbers that I have determined to be correct by reading 
     list postings and books.  Can anyone please fill in the holes and 
     suggest what can be purchased at LFS to attain the right conditions.
     Secondly, what are people using for pH buffering??
     Thanks for your help.