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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #1011

Subject: Re: unexpected fish in pond
>Do you recall seeing any birds in the pond over the summer,
>especially the early part of summer when nearby lake temperatures would have
>been around 55F?

Since the pond only holds 100G and is havily planted, I'm certain I would
have noticed the detruction caused by a large bird landing in it.<g>  OTOH,
some of the plants were grown outdoors in nursery ponds, and I also used
some wild local Myriophyllum.  So if Sunny eggs could make it out of the
spawning pits and into nearby plants, they could have arrived in the pond
through this route.  One way or the other, I think it's neat.  My kids are
all excited about it too.  I think we'll keep him and try to figure out
exactly what he is as he grows.

Subject: Re: Karen's green thumb.  
>Karen, it is your green thumb.  It is getting dangerously potent.  Please
>be careful what you touch with it.  I remember reading an old science
>fiction in the 60's where someone invented some super plant treatment,
>which accidentally got on some Bermuda grass, which then proceeded to take
>over the entire world, smothering everything and everybody.
>Please be careful.  Don't _ever_ touch any Kudzu.  I don't want to think
>about what would happen!

OK, wise guy.  At least my windowsills aren't brimming over with aquatic
plants. (yet)<g>

Seriously, my thoughts were just the opposite.  I work so hard to figure
out what goes on in my tanks and why, and to improve conditions for my
indoor aquatic plants.  Yes, I have a pretty good track record, but it's
not without some effort.

Then I throw some plants in a big tub of water in the back yard.  I add 3
Platies.  I do _absolutely nothing_ all summer except to top up for
evaporation a couple of times, and once a month poke a plant food tablet
into the lily's pot.  I don't do water changes, I don't fertilize, (other
than the lily)  I don't use supplemental CO2, heck, I don't even feed the
fish.  Mother Nature is _obviously_ a lot better at this than I am! ;-)

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association