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Re: Java Fern

I would like some advice on growing Java Fern.

Question:  How do I get the plantlets taken from adult leaves to grow to
the same size as the parent plants?

About 6 months ago I bought a couple bunches of Java Fern. I do not know
the specific variety.  These were adult specimens about 10 or more inches
long, with plantlets growing on the leaves.  The plantlets produced were
prolific.  Since then the adult leaves have died and gone to fern heaven.
 I have attached the plantlets to bogwood using thread and they are
healthy looking, green and pretty and they have actually grown new
leaves.  The plantlets have grown to about 2 inches

I have a 15 gallon tall tank.  The water is soft and neutral at about
80-82 degrees F.   I am using one 15 watt, wide spectrum fluorescent
light which I keep on about 4 hours a day (I understand that they need
low light levels).  The filter is an undergravel.  And I am running a
large airstone to help keep the water moving.  I change about 2-3 gallons
of water every two weeks.  I also have about a dozen Tiger Barbs.


Mike Marion
4516 132nd Place NE
Marysville, Wa 98271-7802
mfmarion at juno_com