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re: bleach treatment

My experience supports Karen Randall's point.  I've gathered plants, fish,
rocks, driftwood and substrate from local water ways, some carrying
obvious algae hitch-hikers.  I've never bleached or otherwise treated
anything before introducing it because I actually want to introduce as
much of that natural diversity as I can support in my tanks.  Turns out
that normal aquariums just won't support very much of it. 

I have one type of imported algae that got established in one tank.  It 
is a rather coarse, attached algae that when left alone has grown 
filaments up to a few inches in length.  But it grows slowly and grazing 
by my shrimp and guppies keeps it trimmed into an attractive, bright green 
mat on a small piece of driftwood.

So, even though I've introduced one kind of algae that way, I'm not 
complaining.  I'm pretty sure I could get rid of it if I wanted.

Roger Miller