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Re: Bang for the buck

On Fri, 10 Oct 1997 03:48:06 -0400 (EDT), you wrote:

>So.  What is the simplest way to get enough light for val or sags to grow,
>and which has the lower light requirement?  What about Amazon swords,
>cabomba, or the other plants normally available in pet shops?  Thanks.


Much of the talk on the APD (and in other plant-lovers' discussions)
regarding lighting focuses on maximizing growth.  With 1.5 W/Gallon
(specifically 2x15W bulbs over a 20H) and a bit of sunlight, I have
had pretty good luck with Sagittaria, Crypts (these require very
little light), Java moss and fern (both will grow in the dark), Amazon
swords, watersprite, hygrophila polysperma, Aponogetons, anubias (very
low light plant), and (of course) hornwort.  I'm sure they may not be
as respendent as they would be in a better-lit tank, but one day I
hope to remedy the situation.  :)  Those I have not had luck with
include rotala (grows, but is very 'leggy'), pygmy sword, micro chain
sword, and ludwigia.

Hope this helps,
Brian T Forsythe
crom at cris_com