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Re: Optimal hours for lighting

> From: Samir Makar <smakar at cableregina_com>
> Subject: Optimal hours for lighting
> I have my lights on a timer for 12 hours/day (6:00 am - 12:00 pm & 5:00
> pm - 11:00 pm).  This allows me to enjoy my tank in the evening as well
> as feed my fish twice a day.  I have noticed that my one plant (Mayaca
> sellowiana) opens its leaves about 8:00 am, and closes them about 8:00
> pm.  This does not seem to be affected if the lights are not turned off
> from 12:00 - 5:00.  The question is:  is there optimum hours that I
> should have my lights on?  Do they somehow know day/night?

I have done both broken lighting (0700-1300, 1630-2230) and straight
lighting (1030-2230).  Here is what is interesting... Plants grow fine
under both regimes.  I've had plants flower under both, and thrive. 
Algae does too.  Nutrient uptake seems to be the same, and so does
bubbling.  The major difference I HAVE seen is that everything grows
more with the lights on continously.  Rather than interupting their
growth, they can continue without doing "catch-up."  If you don't care
about that, neither fish nor plants seem to mind the broken light cycle.

Oh, and yes, plants can "tell" when the photoperiod changes.  It affects
flowering, etc.


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