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My personal experience of algae warfare

 I would like to share my experience:
 	When I started with my planted tank, I  encountered algae problem. I've
 tried everything I could to terminate them but am always fighting a
losing battle.
	 I've tried cutting down the photoperiod. I've tried eythromycin
for blue green. I've tried changing water with more frequent interval and
even tried not putting fertiliser into the tank to starve the algae and 
 everyone, purchase all kind of algae eating fish but all even with all my
 effort, the algae keeps coming back or did they ever go away.
	 Recently, one of my friend came to have a look at my tank, after
hearing all my effort to clear my algae  , he suggested that , mybe my
plant is
not strong enough to fight with the algae for the neutrient. Another thing
 my water temperature is too high thus  the plant is not growing at its
 optimium condition and the water PH will be high and CO2 will not
dissolved effectively.
He says these condition will benefit nothing but the algae.
 	After hearing that, I decided to strengthen my plant for war. After
looking aroung for fertiliser, I decided to use JBL as it stated on the box
 they  contain no nitrate or phosphate. The result is outstanding, after
one month, there are lesser visible algae on all my plants ,the algae are
 growing on my driftwood but whocares, they look nicer there, as long as
 they stay there. there are still algae growing on the side of the glass
 tank but weekly maintenance does the trick.
  	Now I can enjoy my planted tank and can even afford to put in newer
 plant. I thinking of getting a chiller in the near future and once thats
 done, I will have the full complete perfect setup required for a planted