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Red rams horn snails

   Well I found myself 7 of these little guys.  From the recent thread I
was excited to try them out and see if they can help me fight my current
thread algae problem in my new tank.  I rushed them home and added them to
the tank.  I stuffed them into nice hiding places in the middle of an algae
infested Java fern hoping that the loaches would pass them unknowingly:):)
Well I closed the lid, and took the dogs outside.  5 minutes later I
returned to see if they had come out of their shells to forage over the
plentiful supply of algae.  Well all I saw was the tail end of the Tiger
botia thrashing in the Java fern:):)  He never pays much attention to this
plant as it is near the surface in a piece of drift wood.  He was
accompanied by one of the Banded loaches and from time to time the
noemacheilus sp. joined in.  Well now, hours later, I can not find a trace
of them.  The fact that I have not found any empty shells is encouraging,
but I am not getting my hopes up.  

I was afraid of this outcome, I am glad they were free:)  I hope I can get
a few trumpet snails into the substrate before the loaches smell them.