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Re: Softened Water

     >As I understand it, a softener exchanges Ca and Mg ions for Na ions, 
     >so the amount of Na added is equal to the amount of Ca and Mg that 
     >you had to begin with.
     Actually, as Ca and Mg are divalent cations (they have a +2 charge), 
     two monovalent Na cations (they have a +1 charge) are needed for 
     exchange.  Thus, for every Ca or Mg ion removed, two Na ions are 
     By weight, however, if a softener removes 100 ppm Mg, then it must 
     release 189.2 ppm Na (Mg has a higher atomic weight than Na).  Removal 
     of 100 ppm Ca releases 114.7 ppm Na.
     Kind regards,