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Lighting - Power Compacts or not??

     I am setting up a 25 gal tank with the Amazonian decor, Angle (which 
     I've had for years, a couple of Discus and something really small. 
     Unfortuatly I am very confused about lighting this tank.  I will be 
     useing CO2 (at a small rate).  Going by the scale of 4W per gallon, I 
     believe 100W will be sufficient lighting.
     My options:
     Power Compacts (110W, one 6500K bulb, one 7100K bulb) -
     - $180 fixture w/ lights and $45 each year (bulb replacement)
     Fluorescents (VHO, with  2 bulbs either 2x40W or 40W + 75W) - 
     - $150 ballast w/ endcaps, 4 bulbs per year = $75
     Regular Fluorescents (4 x 20W)
     - $50 2 ballasts, 8 bulbs per year = $150
     *Note:  Assuming fluorescent bulbs last 6 months and power compacts 12 
     By my thinking, the power compacts make the best overall deal!!
     Anyone have experience with pc lighting??  Any help would greatly be 
     Thanks, Boris