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Re: Hard water and fertilization

Merrill wrote:

>>>>Personally, in Baltimore water, which is 12 DH, I add Aragonite powder
in preference to clam or oyster shells; and I don't have the problems that
keep appearing on APD.  (Aragonite is available at most shops that sell
Marine Fish; from Carib Sea -- I buy the finest that is available and crush
it to a powder -- using a tablespoon to 50 gallon aquarium.)<<<<

Merrill, Unless the Baltimore you are refering to is not in Maryland the KH
here is 2o and the GH is 4o. The department of public works 1996 water
averages lists hardness, EDTA as 92ppm or 5o GH ; KH is listed as 2.8o.

By the way am I the only one that gets confused with the term DH? Couls we
standardize on the term KH when used for alkalinity, and GH when used for
General Hardness. I know it would help me.

Best to you..........

Ric Cooney
RicCooney at aol_com

"Maryland is for Crabbs.............I'm doing my share!"