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Re: substandard tank design

hello all.
i'm an engineer and former pet store owner. i own perfecto, all-glass, and nature
view tanks now. (as well as hartz, etc. and even metal frame with slate
bottoms).from 2 1/2 gal to 55 gal.

i would not say any of these tanks are substandard-just the volkswagon/mercedes
differences in life.

i've had oceanic in the past and wish i could afford on now (forced retirement due
to disability). always looking for a bargain. the nature's view i found (a 55
gallon) was sold at a lower price than the all-glass (but i found it on a 1500 mile
car trip-major pain on trip home).
so here are my observations. btw, the all-glass tanks 55 and larger use tempered
glass now. tempered glass is stronger, so you can use thinner glass than than
plate. you should not see a bow on tempered glass. the bad thing about tempered
glass is it doesn't crack, it explodes!
also you cannot drill tempered glass (it will explode). this may or may not be a
problem for you. i do know if my angel tank breaks i'll have time to catch them and
control the water. if my discus tank breaks, all hell will break loose and if  i'm
gone, the fish will die on the carpet. (but i don't think the my cat is strong
enough or smart enough, so i don't worry).
also the nature's view has a glass center support and the all-glass has a plastic
support. the all-glass has been resealed due to twist when moving (thin glass, thin
silicone). also the all-glass 55 is a 12 inch wide and the nature's view 55 is a 13
inch wide (what it should be).
i would buy either again but, if the price is close-go with the nature's view.
tempered glass costs more than plate but the shipping is where the savings are.

however my most favorite tank is a 25 H X 30 L X 12 W 40 gal (tall 29 gal) by ocean
view aquarium products, inc. of pascagoula, mississippi.. very thick glass, very
thick silicone, very good fit and finish. (also bought on the 1500 mile trip)
yes i know these are not the 90 gal you wanted, but just my 2 cents.

Ewing Waymire, Jr.
ewing at clnk_com

in eastern oklahoma-where, if you don't like the weather, just wait a minute, it'll


> Date: Sat, 20 Sep 1997 23:53:24 -0400
> From: Jeff & Denise Dietsch <dietsch at voicenet_com>
> Subject: substandard tank design
>   I have just setup a All-Glass 90 gal aquarium.  The recent thread on
> cheap tank designs made me look a little closer at mine.  I looked and
> looked and could not see any bow in the glass.  I figured I would be able
> to "see" something, but I could not.  I know that All-Glass has started
> using a thinner glass on their tanks to save a buck.  Knowing of the
> reduced strength, they have added a center support to the tanks offering
> some added rigidity against this bowing effect.  Although this support is a
> pain when working in the tank, it IS a need component.  The glass in the 90
> is just less then 3/8 in thick (23/64).  Since I could not perceive a bow,
> I went and got my 2 foot carpenters square and held it against the front of
> the tank, in the middle height wise.  There is a slight bow, maybe about a
> 32nd of an inch, almost nothing.  I know the Oceanic glass is thicker, and
> they also use the center support, but I loss that little paper the
> advertise with showing their thicknesses.  I know O'Neal had a center
> support also, but as they were bought out by Perfecto, I do not know where
> their tanks will be now.  And I never did measure the Perfecto thickness,
> but do know they have the support also.  I have always thought of perfecto
> as the chevete of tanks, and oceaniac as the caddy, with the others in
> between.  But competition is becoming fierce and saving a buck is becoming
> a priority.  Now since I would not like 90 gals of water on my floor, the
> $175 price for the All Glass was a lot better then the $300 for the
> Oceanic.  I did also pay attention to the flatness of the stand to ensure
> not inducing un-needed stresses right off the bad.
> I am interested in hearing of the bow seen in the older All-Glass 90's, the
> ones without the center support.
> Jeff
> http://www.voicenet.com/~dietsch
> (oh yeah you guys like to know the weather, the cold front just came
> through Philly, good sleeping weather tonight)