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Nitrate vacuum

Today I just received a Lamotte nitrate test kit and tested no measurable
nitrate; no wonder my plants stopped growing! I am currently dosing with
Tropica's mastergrow and am wondering how to best steer towards a more
desirable nitrate reading? Can I safely assume that without nitrates my
phosphate concentration is rising?

My first thought is to supplement with some sort of substrate tablet. I
have read a lot of discussions about liquid fertilizers and initial
substrate additives but very little about tablets. Recently a few posters
have mentioned Jobes plant sticks and the KRIB assays DAI's tablets; but
the rest of a myriad of products are mentioned only in a cursory fashion.
What works for you?

Also having mentioned initial substrate additives... I wonder, what is sooo
bad about  anaerobic activity in the substrate?  What happens when one's
substrate goes anaerobic? This is mentioned so frequently, without
supporting evidence, that it sounds somewhat like the superstitious
espousals of a bizarre cult.

Jeff Kropp