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substandard tank design

  I have just setup a All-Glass 90 gal aquarium.  The recent thread on
cheap tank designs made me look a little closer at mine.  I looked and
looked and could not see any bow in the glass.  I figured I would be able
to "see" something, but I could not.  I know that All-Glass has started
using a thinner glass on their tanks to save a buck.  Knowing of the
reduced strength, they have added a center support to the tanks offering
some added rigidity against this bowing effect.  Although this support is a
pain when working in the tank, it IS a need component.  The glass in the 90
is just less then 3/8 in thick (23/64).  Since I could not perceive a bow,
I went and got my 2 foot carpenters square and held it against the front of
the tank, in the middle height wise.  There is a slight bow, maybe about a
32nd of an inch, almost nothing.  I know the Oceanic glass is thicker, and
they also use the center support, but I loss that little paper the
advertise with showing their thicknesses.  I know O'Neal had a center
support also, but as they were bought out by Perfecto, I do not know where
their tanks will be now.  And I never did measure the Perfecto thickness,
but do know they have the support also.  I have always thought of perfecto
as the chevete of tanks, and oceaniac as the caddy, with the others in
between.  But competition is becoming fierce and saving a buck is becoming
a priority.  Now since I would not like 90 gals of water on my floor, the
$175 price for the All Glass was a lot better then the $300 for the
Oceanic.  I did also pay attention to the flatness of the stand to ensure
not inducing un-needed stresses right off the bad.  

I am interested in hearing of the bow seen in the older All-Glass 90's, the
ones without the center support.  

(oh yeah you guys like to know the weather, the cold front just came
through Philly, good sleeping weather tonight)