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Re: Distilled Water Question

Gerry wrote:

>Here's a question for general discussion. Hard water is caused by
>a concentration of minerals in the water, if I am  not mistaken?
>Would it be possible then to soften water safely by diluting it with
>distilled water?

Absolutely, Gerry.  That's what most of us do.  The question is
where do you get the distilled water from?  This is a "make or buy"
decison.  By distilled, do you mean steam distilled?  This doesn't
seem practical to me.  Most of us use either reverse osmosis or a
deionizing column (like the Tap Water Purifier) to create soft water
and mix it with our existing tap water until we arrive at our desired
GH and alkalinity.  Both R.O. and D.I. units are expensive, but
buying bottled distilled water at the grocery store would be worse.

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