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Fertilization re: volume of plants

Hi all,

At the moment I have a very overgrown tank. Plants floating 8 inches or
more on the surface, thick etc. I've left them like that because I want to
trim just before our plant meeting here so that I have nice fresh plants.
I've recently beaten back a bad algae problem simply by maintaining a good
fertilization schedule and there is now very little in there. Last night it
struck me that taking out a massive amount of plants all at once might
destabilize the tank so that I get algae living off the nutrients again.
I've never really given this any thought before and perhaps things don't
work this way so I'd appreciate some thoughts on this.

Questions: I have been dosing 6 ml of PMDD everyday without fail. Should I
cut back when the plants are heavily trimmed to perhaps half (3 ml) and
then slowly increase as the plants recover? More to the point I suppose --
Is this something for concern? Does plant growth work this way? Do more
leaves = more nutrient uptake and requirements. Please post your thoughts
as soon as possible as I'd like to know what other's think by Saturday. I'm
determined NOT to nourish algae.

in Vancouver